As some of you know, i have been teaching pottery to both children and adults for years – almost twenty years  now. While I do still teach on occasion out of a studio i share in Kingston, i’ve been mainly focused on creating at the moment.

i love teaching and will be pleased to offer classes again in the future here in Kingston. The sessions i’ve taught so far have been wonderful – i don’t know who had more fun; the kids or me!

Here’s one mom’s email back to me after picking up her children’s projects:

“Hi abi,
I just received Lara and Josephine’s projects from the March Break pottery class – I’m so impressed! I’m completely delighted with how you listened to their ideas and helped them to create just what they had envisioned. I love the blue glaze on Lara’s bud vase. Josephine’s butterfly will make a fabulous garden stake for our backyard.

We’re all looking forward to your next class schedule.

Thanks again,


(with her permission)


Following is some general info about the kids classes, but first – i’m quite flexible time-wise and willing to offer classes as long as i have a minimum of six kids so feel free to contact me with your enquiries. Pottery classes make great birthday activities and/or birthday gifts, as well as great opportunities for a unique playdate or PD day/March Break activity. i look forward to hearing from you . . .

March Break class info*

You may send your child to as many or as few classes as you like – the classes will be tailored to the individual children so they won’t be repeating the same projects over again if they attend more than one class. These are very small classes, with a maximum of ten children per class so there will be plenty of one-on-one instruction for each child.

*Absolute beginners are most welcome, as are those with some experience in any kind of clay modeling. The children will each complete one project per class, which will then be left with me for firing and finishing, before you return to pick it up. If they choose to make something functional, it will be fully useable – finished and foodsafe. If non-functional, the work will likewise be finished for durability, so it can be treasured for a lifetime.

*The class fees include all instruction (1.25hrs/class), materials, finishing and firing costs. 5yrs+ is the usual age category but i am absolutely willing to be flexible on this if you have a particular request as i find the suitability of the class depends far more on the individual child and their skills and interests, than on their calendar age.

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